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Towniprene Urethane Products


Urethane Gaskets and Wedges- Maintenance friendly describes these simple products found in many power plants. Especially useful for older plants to offset misaligned fittings or couplings. Wedges can be used for slight turns in pipe without the expense of fabricated pipe. Designed with a handle to ensure precise alignment between flanges, this feature doubles as a "finger saver". Townley can easily design custom sizes and formulations for your application.


Miscellaneous Lining- New or stripped and rebuilt, we can handle pulley lagging, wheels, tubs, classifier shoes, logger teeth, agitators, propellers, chutes, etc. we are prepared to line a broad variety of components with either rubber or urethane based on your applications


Pump Parts- Townley has an extensive inventory of parts and patterns for most common slurry pumps in service. We can provide improved wear with proper material selection. Cast alloys, replaceable urethane liners or permanent urethane lined shells, impellers and suction plates.


FGD Scrubber Nozzles- Designed to replace fragile ceramic nozzles, these cost effective urethane alternatives can be manhandled without damaging. Many sizes and designs available to replace OEM styles.


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