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Knifegate Valves

80TP Knife Gate Valve- Townley's most versatile bidirectional valve features a unique bonded-in Towniprene urethane lined body and seat. Coupled with a precision stainless steel gate & stem, this valve is perfect for slurry diversion and isolation with assurance of easy actuation when you need it. The unique flush bottom of the seal ensures no clogging or trapping of debris to prevent positive sealing. Townley offers a complete rebuild service back to factory specifications.. Available in 2" to 96" I.D.


80BA Knife Gate Valve- For severe duty, this rugged, bidirectional valve features high-chrome inserts at the face to resist impact and abrasion found in harsh coal by-product applications or aggregate isolation or diversion. The inserts are locked and sealed in-place with the same urethane seat as the 80TP. This is a great valve for those tougher circuits. Townley offers a complete rebuild service back to factory specifications.


A80SCEHA- This self contained electric powered hydaulic valve is perfect for remote or isolated areas of your plant where factory air and hydraulic lines are not practical. AC or DC these units can be remotely actuated with a "DeviceNet" interface. Especially useful in settling ponds or containment areas.


80 SS Knife Gate Valve- A Stainless steel valve designed for those applications where chemical resistance is required. This precision ground seat provides directional sealing.


80 SSRS- Designed for a variety of chemical applications where corrosion resistance is critical. All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel with an EPDM rubber seat, assuring positive bi-directional sealing. Perfect for isolation or flow diversion.


80DI- This general purpose valve was designed for a wide variety of common applications. Built with a ductile iron body and replaceable flush rubber bottom seat, this gate closes without product debris trapped in the seat. With a stainless steel gate and stem, this valve can handle mildly corrosive materials.


Series 150 Heavy Duty Slurry- This heavy duty, high pressure fabricated valve can be customized for your application with seats constructed of wear and chemical resistant alloys or Towniprene urethane. Features an easy open gate when under high pressure while handling slurries or coal ash. Perfect for Bottom ash use where custom drilling or custom dimensioning is required along with higher pressure service.


Valve Actuation- Whether air, mechanical, manual or hydraulic. Townley can supply your valves with the properly sized actuation for your application. Additionally we can supply limit switches and positioners to meet your specifications


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