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Slurry Pumps

UBD-With more than 150 in-service, these unique UBD slurry pumps are in use from the pit to booster to tailings circuits. Designed to solve wear problems associated with conventional impeller/volute designs, these pumps have a patented recessed volute with matching impeller. Coupled with a contoured suction port, these patented features reduce recirculation and provide hydraulically clean solution-flow through the impeller to the discharge. Available in alloy or urethane-lined to match your application.


WRK FGD Slurry Pump- A compelling alternative to the complicated wet-end assemblies found in the installed base of Warman, ASH, Hazleton, AC and other OEM pumps. Consisting of only 4 main parts with convenient lifting eyes, these pump are designed to bolt to your drive, fit exactly to your existing piping and meet all performance specifications. Finally a pump the maintenance crew actually likes! Sizes from 350, 450, 550 any many others on request.


Pump Parts- Townley has an extensive inventory of parts and patterns for most common slurry pumps in service. We can provide improved wear with proper material selection. Cast alloys, replaceable urethane liners or permanent urethane lined shells, impellers and suction plates.

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