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Butterfly Valves

TM 1 & 2 Super-Slurry Butterfly- This highperformance fine slurry valve is designed to be leak free under pressure and provide extreme wear resistance due to the "cast-in" Towniprene lining and elastomer coated or stainless disc. With a bubble snap fit this valve is suitable for fine slurries, salt water dilute acids and oils.


TM 3 & 4 High- Pressure Butterfly Valve- This premium valve is designed with a metal reinforced cartridge style EPDM lining that will not blow out in high flow or high pressure applications. The precision disc is available in cast 316 SS or nickel plated ductile iron. Perfect for throttling or isolation of phosphate or limestone slurries.


Series 12 Butterfly Valve- For medium duty, this steel reinforced molded Towniprene urethane body and urethane snap lock seal disc, can give years of service in corrosive circuits


Full Flow-Through AssemblyCouple two Towniprene reducers with a larger Series 12 valve and you can ensure unrestricted flow with full ID port.


Series 60 Butterfly Valve- Designed for heavy duty slurry service this valve features a Towniprene urethane lined case, snap-lock disc seal and full contained disc, for valve removal in the open position.

Valve ActuationWhether air, mechanical, manual or hydraulic. Townley can supply your valves with the properly sized actuation for your application. Additionally we can supply limit switches and positioners to meet your specifications.


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