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Flex Hose

Super Flex Hose- Incorporation of strategic support rings into the hose body reduces the internal kinking or weartube collapse, especially where severe flexing is expected. This versatile hose has found new use mining and in coal plants for matrix, tailing and transfer lines. Has found use as a strain relief coupled to rigid pipe to ease runs over uneven terrain and extreme temperature excursions.


Mining Flex- The work horse hose! Similar to above, without rings, this hose has found broad usage in all types of mining. Valuable to reduce pump vibration stress on adjacent pipe and fittings.


Series 6000- General purpose material handling hose. This versatile hose is available in lengths up to 40 foot. Especially useful for any slurry or material transfer.


Series 1000: Suction & Discharge Hose- Reduce vibration and provide easy transition for older plants with fit problems. Available in straight, reducer with outlets or taps. Eliminate OEM multiple pipe assemblies with one P/N. Lengths to 10 feet, wear tubes material and I.D.


Dredging Flex- Versatile dredging hose designed and built to handle the rigors of full-vacuum ladder suction or the extreme flexibility demands of stern-swivel service.


Rubber Elbows and Fittings- Spools, Y's and El's. Custom built to your specifications.


Expansion Joints- Suction or discharge, straight, reducing or offset. We custom build to suit your application. Call for more info.


Misc. Hose Items- Description of common flanges and ends incorporated into our hose product.

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