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Hydrocyclones, Classifying or De-Watering-Townley High-performance cyclones are designed and manufactured with a Towniprene urethane cone body and bolted apex. Constructed with a urethane lined tangential feed chamber, fluid pressure is converted into rotational momentum, providing centrifugal classification or dewatering of solids from slurry. Featuring durable one-piece urethane cone body to retain shape and reduce wear ridges. Custom fit to your application, 4" thru 48"cone body with all critical parameters designed to suit application requirements.


Custom Overflow, Apex Splash guards, Distributino Headers, and Launderers- are available to meet your specifications.


FGD Hydrocyclone Limestone Classifier- Custom designed for limestone preparation, this cyclone features a one-piece urethane cone body and threaded apex along with a wear resistant alloy feed-chamber. Drastically reducing the number of parts used in typical OEM cyclones, thereby easing maintenance with less part numbers. Townley also lines launderer tubs and distribution manifolds, to improve life cycles. And can provide urethane or rubber overflows.


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