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The Townley Submersible Slurry Pumps are designed to dewater the most abrasive sumps and ponds found in mining and coal fired power plants. The MSP pump line uses a modular platform approach, where standard motors and wet-ends can be paired to match the customer’s voltage, flow and head requirements. Designed with North American motors and cast high chrome wet-ends, these MSP pumps have proven very reliable and an excellent alternative to the high maintenance vertical cantilever style pumps found throughout these industries.


This robust design is used throughout the world, effectively pumping dirty water, diluted sludge and abrasive slurries. Featuring integral mechanical and optional jet-ring mixers, the solids will remain suspended providing the most effective removal of the solids and reducing the potential of “sanding-out’ the sump.


The MSP pump is fast becoming the reliable standard for the industry providing a critical tool for maintenance crews and plant operators.

  • Simple modular design

  • High chrome wet-end

  • Epoxy painted ductile iron motor housing

  • Reliable North American motors from 5-150 Horsepower

  • 2” to 10” discharge sizes available

  • Selections up to 200 feet of head and 6000 GPM

  • Certified factory rebuild service

  • Double isolation seal reduces common failures found in other pump styles

  • Most sizes in stock

  • Optional mechanical mixers, jet ring mixers, flex hose, check valves and control boxes available

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